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Farmhouse Castro

Farmhouse Castro - Loc. Ponte S Pietro
Ischia di Castro - Viterbo - Lazio - Italy (Middle)
Tel. +39 761 458769 - Fax. -
Tipology:  Farm House
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The oliday farm rises on Lazio to the borders with Tuscany, in one of the wilder and disowned angles of italy, far away from the chaotic tourism. Here will be possible find the taste of one vacation to contact with the nature. In the park it has been prepared an exposition of machine and agricultural equipments. At Castro you can done a relaxant vacation, to full contact with the nature and the country.
The farm holiday is built on an ancient cottage that it has been completely restructured and make pleasant under every point of view. Comfortable rooms furnished with peasant furnitures, and equiped with private services and all the confort. In the hall is possible to relax in front of the great fireplace, drinking good wine.

The kitchen is one of the best activity of the farm holiday, dough knead by hand, courses with every kind of game, meat cooked to the embers, mushrooms, acquacotta maremmana (a tipical course of Maremma) and season's vegetables. This will carry you to the discovery of relish by now lost of Maremma. You can lunch and dinner in the open air.
In the summer, only for the hosts, there is a swimming pool. Possibility to done long walks by horse, and to rent the box. From the windows of the rooms you can see great panoramic wiew of the territory around the farm holiday.

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How to reach it
Departure from Florence. Estimated duration: 02h 16 Continue for Sp127 for 256 m exceed the bill BOLOGNA/SIENA/FIRENZE(A11)/PISA NORTH turn on the right, and continue for Florence South for 649 m Exceed the bill Incisa continue for the A1-e35 freeway for 126 km. Exceed the bill FABRO/OVEST and continue for the freeway for 1 km. Exceed the bill FIRENZE/ROMA and turn to right, to continue for Sp52 for 1 km. Turn on the left, to continue for Sp108 for 6 km. Continue for Sp50 for 7 km. Continue for Ss2 for 4 km until ACQUAPENDENTE. Continue for Sp49 for 15 km. Continue for Ss74 for 761 m and turn to the right .Continue for Ss312 for 9 km. Continue for Sp47 1 km. You are arrived in Ischia Di Castro. Total Distance: 188 km. When you arrive in Ischia di Castro you have to continue for some kilometers in Manciano direction you will find indications about Agriturismo.
Departure from Rome. Estimated duration: 01h 20 exceed the bill MACCARESE/FREGENE and continue for the freeway A12 until Civitavecchia north. Continue until the A12 end that admit automatically on SS Aurelia. Go out to Montalto di Castro and continue for 7-9 Km direction Ischia di Castro - Vulci. Turn to the left to the crossroad Ischia di Castro - Vulci continue for the road for 15 18 Km until the bill Agriturismo Castro (to Your right) Continue for others 6-8 Km of which 2 Km of excavate road (in optimal state).
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